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Three pieces of fast inspiration

by Wednesday, July 11th, 2012.

Prompt: Theft and loss

Time. It slips through your fingers, escaping your grasp, no matter how much you try to protect it. Try to keep it. That time, it left behind hundreds, thousands, millions cases of theft. What a criminal! They say that time robbed your youth, your energy and health. They say that time took away your memories, your happiness, your sadness, your emotions. It even steals life, for all must pass away with time. Oh time, do you steal, simply in revenge, for me loosing you in the first place?

Prompt: Old and new
Things old but new:

“Jimmy, what is that?”
“Oh, my new chair. I got it at a garage sale.”

“I’ve heard that you got a great deal.”
“Yeah. A new antique vase collection for just five hundred dollars.”

“Let’s open up a new bottle of wine.”
“Not that one! It’s a 1980.”

“Dad, is that…”
“Yep, a cotton gin. Never seen one before, have you.”

“I’ve just got a new uncle. He’s fifty-five years old.”
“Really? He’s old.”

Prompt: Something from the cafe-du-soleil

A bar, a bottle of wine, wine glass,
accompanying sadness to the brassy jazz.
A counter, swirling stools, and dim lights,
the turmoil emotions reach the heights.
Therefore, drink, my friend, drink!
Drink you despair away.
Don’t let yourself sink
into that mud of dismay
Because, as you see,
alcohol makes you spill out the truth,
and as you say it, I shall listen.
let the wine unwind your tongue loose,
let cheering you up be my mission.

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