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Three Journal Entries from three days spent in the Wilderness without Food

by Wednesday, May 9th, 2012.

Journal Entry 1

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

I arrived at the spot to find it unsuitable for sleeping because of the large numbers of thistle growing thereabouts.  Found a small beach near a curve in the stream to place my bed-roll.

It is lunch time and all I can thank about is food.  This could be awful.  I am very hungry after the hike.  Attempted quashing my hunger by drinking quart of water.  Didn’t work.  Right away I feel lonely like I cannot do this.  Have decided to take a long walk up the stream bed to explore and take my mind off things.  My sundial indicates it is about 3pm.

It is about 5pm and I have returned.  My walk I noted numerous wild creatures. I will keep a log with some sketches.

Wildlife Log

4 tan colored lizards living in the cliff face along the river.  Several rainbows trout!  This river is very cold with significant shade making it ideal for trout and salmon.

In the evening about bats emerged from some crevice unknown to me and flitted about the river eating bugs.  Feeding started at 7:45 and ended at approximately 8at least according to my sundial.

They could also be sparrows or starlings.


Hundreds of century plants line the cliff face.  Stream is lined with thick bushes and grasses making navigation up and down irksome.  Small deciduous trees live here all the old growth burnt in the fire.  Even a few of the century plants are charred.

River bed is very healthy looking and contains a variety of grasses and mosses.


Journal Entry 2

Tuesday, April 3rd , 2012

Awakened at first light but stayed in the sleeping bag as there was nothing better to do.  When the sun climbed over the canyon the sundial indicated approximately 10a m.  As I lie in bed there are a number of interesting activities occurring nearby.

Walked to century plant and tied piece of tape.  I feel very hungry now all I can think about is food, drinking quart of water with entire lemon worth of juice to alleviate hunger.  This time it seems to be working.

Wildlife Log

Awake to find about 200 winged insects pacing the ground about my bed-roll.  I don’t know what they are, but they seem to have gathered here to mate.  here is a pen sketch (sorry I couldn’t include sketch).

Later I noticed a small turtle in the shallows near my bed roll.  When I went to tie the tape it moved away here is a pen sketch (once again I’m sorry).  The shell was dark brown with a light brown crisscrossed pattern of lines.  Underbelly is a light green.

Flies are extremely pesky!!!

I noticed a number of white and yellow butterflies.

Hunger returned with a vengeance a round lunch time.

approximately 1-2pm drank quart of water.  Feeling much better.  There are very large number of jet liners that have been passing overhead.  It seems there is a major flight path.  Are they servicing LA or Santa Barbara.

Startled a green snake with a yellow stripe in a stand of bushes.  It slithered away.

Saw an orange butterfly with black outlining its wings.

Honeybees are pollinating a tree along the river.  The tree is giving off a strange burnt odor.  Sketch of tree branch (sorry).

I feel like I am witnessing a spring awakening.  Everything is mating or being pollinated.  There are even little minnows swimming in the stream.

Jesus Fuck!! These flies are annoying!

Rainbow trout is swimming in the pool nearby my bedroll.

Journal Entry 3

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

I was awakened today by the wind.  It was early in the morning, the Sun had not yet risen.  I don’t think I have ever been disturbed more by the wind before.  Suffice it to say that I could not get a second more of sleep and was forced to lie in my sleeping bag and listen to its ominous howling.  It didn’t die down till approximately 10am.

When I awoke I was in a severely weakened state.  I drank a quart of water but this did not seem to help things.  When I went to put up a new flag I noticed a bag of emergency food sitting on a log.  It was all I could  do not to devour it on the spot.  Now all I can think of is food!  Great feasts and bounties, that never end! Perhaps I shall right a story about this.

Wildlife Log

Spotted ten juvenile trout swimming in a kind of school near my camp.  Noticed a number of aquatic beetles that borrow in the sediment and river grass.  I still can confirm that the avians that feed on bugs are in fact bats.

Spotted a pair of chipmunks or squirrels chasing each other high up the side of s stepp hill they are no more than a quarter of a foot in length and probably only weigh less than a pound.

The wind this morning seems to have broken a number of branches clogging the stream at various places.  Oh curse the terrible wind!

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