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Haiku: How You’re Here

by BAMboozled Wednesday, October 13th, 2010.

Today’s writing exercise was inspired by Soul Pancake’s Haiku How You’re Here.

Haikus by BAM author, Alex

stoney gift of life
moody teenager on drugs
old people are cool

sweating between sheets.
spent breath and a ceaseless love.
nine months of torture.

white lights, satellites.
a wash of spirit to earth.
beginning of time.

the big bang theory,
if that was the case, I guess
we could just be dust.

Haikus by BAM author, Leo

The world moves alone
perceives things as consequence
what creates human?

Life defeated life.
Things go as called destiny
but nothing was planned.

Haikus by Willo (Adult Youth Facilitator)

Surprise! Water broke.
Rushed screaming pain, it’s coming.
Worth every push.

Sexy time, low light.
Condom breaks, unknowingly.
Strong swimmers make life.

Owl dies peacefully.
Reincarnation, yo.
I am here to hoot & holler.

Dinosaurs roam earth.
Humans appear. Idiots.
Ooh, ooh, monkey sex.

Haiku by Kate (Adult Editor/Co-Facilitator)

irish catholics breed
a thousand freckles, and i
sprung from brown eyed girl

Mia was here, but didn’t want to post hers. Natalie & Maggie were also here, but they left early.

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